The Orc King by R.A. Salvatore

Remarkable plot similarities to the latest Warcraft movie…

Remarkable plot similarities to the latest Warcraft movie…

3/5 stars.
Hardcover, 346 pages.
Read from June 18 to 26, 2016.

Thanks to the Hong Kong public library system I can still get my Drizzt-fix. According to Goodreads, Salvatore is one of my most read authors. I’m not sure how I feel about that but it doesn’t help that that this is 17th book in a series that now has 30 books in it and that the characters are kind of addicting. What’s peculiar about this book is that the latest Warcraft movie seems to have picked up on some it’s plot lines. I will explain.

The book strangely opens up 100 years into the future, so you already in a way know how the book is going to end. Interesting style switch for Salvatore. The plot picks up from the last book where Drizzt has been reunited with his friends and Obould and the band of orcs he has united is still a major threat to everyone in the realm .Bruenor is also determined to put a stop to it, even if it means putting him near death again. Wulfgar is mourning the death of his wife Dellie but he now needs to find Cottie, the adoptive child that they had together and make things right. Drizzt is torn on where to assist his friends and Cattibrie is still injured and may never fight again. Wulfgar is facing more of his demons and is looking to find peace but can Bruenor and Obould do the same?

If you’ve seen the latest Warcraft movie you may already understand the plot similarities. In the movie the Alliance and Horde start a war (no surprises there) but one of the leaders of the Orc groups tries to bring the tribes together to broker peace so that they can work together. That all goes horribly wrong and but the cliffhanger at the end leaves it on one Orc to hopefully bring about peace. While in this book peace is successfully brokered and because the book opens 100 years in the future you already know it’s successful. As Salvatore wrote this novel in 2007 I think he had one up on the movie in terms of who had the plot idea first but it was interesting to see the similarities. I mean, it’s not uncommon for fantasy themes to carry over in all sorts of mediums but what made this plot unique is that it showed that Orcs are more than just blood thirsty savages.

Drizzt and Cattibrie are also hella cute. Still looking forward to how things are going to continue to progress with them.

Overall, a good solid read that provided me with a fantasy -fix. It’s been one of best fantasy series I’ve ever picked up so far so I would recommend it to anyone interested in the genre.


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