My name is Danielle and I am a Canadian freelance writer living in Hong Kong. I am a self-professed dweeb with a dash of geek who has a BA in English and Awesomeness. I have an obsession with running, cats, pole dancing, reading, writing, and listening to angry music.


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“Pluviophile” is derived from the word “pluvial”  which means “of or relating to rain” or “characterized by abundant rain”. Adding “phile” to the end of a word is an indication of love and adoration and is derived from the Greek word “philos”  which literally means ‘loving’.  For example, I am also a bibliophile, which literally translations from Greek as “biblion ‘book’ + philos ‘loving’.”  So a pluviophile is someone who loves rain. I find rain extremely calming and love the feel and the sound of it, I also personally believe it endorses the best environment for reading!


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