And the winner is…

I guess you could say, that in my predictions, I sort of got it right…

Huzzuh! After a very strenuous debate with a near questionable outcome, the winner of the Canada Reads is…


Defended by Humble the Poet, the book, to my great surprise won. I loved this book and it was my favourite of the five but I did not think it would win. Humble the Poet did a great job in defending this novel and I am thrilled that it got the praise and appreciation it deserved.

I think the real debate, at the end of the day, is what does Canada need? And Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Those needs are going to be extremely diverse.” – Humble the Poet, Canada Reads 2017 debates

I am thankful that Company Town did not win. I did like the book, I just didn’t think it contended as well as the others. The book is a science-fiction and they often get a bad rap so I am glad that it did well in that sense but just in terms of how it met the question this year it did not contend as well as the others.

I guess you could say, that in my predictions, I sort of got it right. While I didn’t think that this book would win, I did rank it as my favourite so it was a near close!

Well, that’s a wrap for this year! Perhaps now is a good time to try and catch up on some of the best reads from some of the years I missed…

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