Writer Rage: Inconsiderate Editors

I have a lot of respect for editors and the work that they do, but my god they can be frustrating sometimes.

I have a lot of respect for editors and the work that they do. It is a very busy job that requires a lot of organization and communication. So when an editor doesn’t get back to me right away, I am very lenient. However, there is a limit to my patience, especially when I have already provided them with a service of my own work.

I am or was supposed to be published again. This particular editor¬†was excited for my ideas and even hoped that I might write more for this particular magazine. I have worked with this editor before and knew that it might take a while for his replies. I wrote the article and sent it off, he acknowledged that he had received it and since then I have not heard one bloody word. I followed up numerous times, giving each reply a few weeks time for this editor to reply. Absolutely nothing and it has been months. I finally gave up. ¬†Now I don’t know if they plan on using my article or not and whether or not I should offer it up to other magazines.

If the editor doesn’t like my work then he should just say so. As writer, I have tough skin when it comes to rejection. This all in out non-communication is rude and disrespectful. I put a lot of time into my writing so I feel that is the least someone could do. I don’t have the luxury of being able to pick up the phone can call this editor either as I don’t live in the same country, though it has been tempting to leave a message during off hours even if it means long distance charges. It is a good thing I am not doing this to make a living at the moment or this sort of situation would be devastating. It is this sort of scenario, among other things, that makes me reconsider writing for magazines.

All in all, finding and creating writing work is really fucking hard. I wish that editors would appreciate that.

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