Cat Stories by Diane Secker Tesdall

Cats are dynamic beings that can be described in many ways which is probably one of the many reasons why we love them so much.

A selection of short stories on the beloved feline that stretches over two centuries.

3/5 stars.
Hardcover, 400 pages.
Read from November 14 to December 04, 2016.

Ruthless killer? Mischievous and unloving companion? Or a life long playful and affection friend? Cats are dynamic beings that can be described in many ways which is probably  one of the many reasons why we love them so much. Tesdall brings together this anthology of feline short stories to encompass the many ways that cats are viewed and treated. The stories author’s span over two centuries and range from authors like Edgar Allan Poe to Doris Lessing.

I have to admit, some of the stories in this book were not very good. The opening story, The Islands by Alice Adams did little to captivate me and I was unimpressed with Angela Carter’s Puss-in-Boots and Patricia Highsmith’s Ming’s Biggest Prey, however I pushed through and it became worth my time as there are some real gems in this anthology. The classic pieces by Kipling, Saki and Poe were exceptional. Kipling discusses the independence of cats in The Cat That Walked By Himself and created a folklore of how cats came into our home while Saki’s Tobermory details how our pets are privy too all our private moments whether we like it or not, and Poe’s, The Black Cat is down right creepy and sent shivers down my spine. I also just discovered that the story The King of Cats is a piece of folklore that has been around since 1553 which I find intriguing but sadly the Stephen Vincent Benét’s rendition did little for me.

There are stories about how cats effect us personally, such as the story of An Old Woman and her Cat by Doris Lessing, about how detached and mischievous they can be such as Broomsticks by Walter de la Mare and even stories narrated by cats such as Fritz Leiber’s Space-Time for Springers. This is definitely a book every cat-lover should have in their library.


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