Misconception by Morgan Black


Originally published on December 15, 2014.

2/5 stars.
ebook, 46 pages.
Read on November 26, 2014

I’d like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book!

Misconception is a very short erotica novel that is the first in the Finnegan Brothers series. The novel follows Lena, a young college student whose parents have recently divorced. Before leaving her hometown she was in a relationship with Blake Finnegan, who has an older brother named Slade. Things were really strong between Lena and Blake but on the night her parents break the news to her about their impending divorce, Lena makes a pretty naughty decision. With not even a goodbye, Lena leaves town with her mom and sister where she hopes to leave her past behind her. Unfortunately a few years later, her father is getting married and she is required to return back to her hometown in order to attend. ***MILD SPOILER*** She hopes that the Finnegan brothers have left town and that she won’t have to worry about encountering either of them but as fate will have it, she runs into both of them in less than ideal circumstances.***END SPOILER***

I’ll just say it, I hated Lena. She is juvenile and made some really poor choices so it made it really hard to like this novel. I mean, I know that most erotica characters have to make some poor choices in order to find themselves in some sort of sexual dilemma but I had little sympathy and interest in Lena so it really took a way from the focal points of the book, which, are the sex scenes. With that being said, I wanted way more sex as there were only two sex scenes in the entire book. I know that this novel is short but I really wanted more, mostly because I didn’t care about Lena or the divorce or anything like that. Sadly, because I wasn’t involved in the characters, the sex scenes that did exist really lacked luster for me. ***SPOILER*** Besides, Slade is a womanizing asshole so there isn’t anything sexy about that.***END SPOILER***

I should also mention that this book has a major cliff hanger at the end. I’m sure it was a marketing ploy because based on the length of this book I can’t imagine it was meant to be read on its own.  So if you like series, can tolerate cliff-hangers and are looking for a quick read that may raise your pulse a mild amount, then give this one a go. You may have more tolerance for Lena than I did or find yourself involved in the story a bit more.

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