The Story Behind the Stories of Project Dermatillomania –

The Trichotillomania Learning Center

GProject Dermatillomaniauest post by Laura Barton, Editor, Project Dermatillomania

Note from TLC: We were so very excited when Project Dermatillomania came out. Resources for sin picking are scarce, and personal stories about living with skin picking even harder to come by. Thankfully, we are seeing more and more people speaking out about picking, and we believe it’s largely due to inspiration the community receives from reading and sharing stories like those withinn this book.  Humans need validation, and this book validates, normalizes, and makes us all realize –we are NOT alone.

I don’t remember exactly what was going through my head when I wanted to write a book about the skin picking disorder, dermatillomania. All I know is that I had a vague idea and a huge amount of anxiety at the thought of actually doing it. I wasn’t sure if I would be strong enough to face any potential backlash, and it would be even…

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